Monday, August 24, 2015

Rain causes pleasing cacophany on shed roof

I'm in the shed and about to ride SoTPC, my exercise bike. The rain is slashing down upon the roof. It's soothing, soporific noise and I just want to curl up in my sleeping bag (1) by the heater and stare mindlessly at the element within (2).

It was a hard morning—my morning are always hard. But with meds and work it got better and my day was ultimately a productive and fulfilling one. 

Okay, so I don't have my "health" but I'm happy and productive. That's wellness right there.

Curse you, delicious sleepy noises upon my roof. Mikey wants snooze, snooze

UPDATE:The rain was so loud I gave up watching the laptop and listened to the rain as I rode. I used two headbands to dampen the light from the read out, an eerie future glow upon my person. 

I think I also killed my old, blood stained brown slippers because I walked their ancient vaguely Teutonic looking heraldic crested brown felt and cardboard soled form through a centimetre of pooled rain water to and from the shed.

You served me well, comrades. You did not die in vain (3).    

UPDATE2: I walked into the study and ringed around just inside the door were my ugg boots, my new brown slippers and a ladies pair I'd never seen before. 

I had not arrayed them like that. It's almost as if they got together to to bear mute witness for the loss of a treasured colleague—and to stare the one who wore the now lost pair into the rain in the face. 

I get the ugg boots and new brown slippers but the lady pair? What the fuck is that?

Old Bloody Von Brown's mistress? Unknown daughter? Mother? Kissin' cousin?

It's a mystery that's for sure. A house leisure footwear based mystery... 

UPDATE3: Mystery solved. The uggs and slippers were moved into place by theWife. The ladies pair was I think ones we had but were never worn. Given my penchant for ladies sleep wear—PJ bottoms for girls have no annoying cock hole—perhaps she thought I might like to carry on my lower half lady-wear fetish all the to ground level?

Alas, I have deformed splayed out utterly flat feet that destroy shoes in about 18 months of constant wear. I don't even think the artisans from Kinky Boots could supply a shoe fit for a fucked-up-feet Mikey. 

(1) It's in the shed. I think I got it in year eight. It has never been washed.  
(2) We had a shitty one bar element heater when I lived at home. I would lie in front of it whilst "studying" for the HSC and be lost in a drift of thought. I took it to a group house but had to bin it because a screw went lose within the innards and the heater kept blowing the flat's fuse—and it meant fuse wire, no less. RIP bar heater 1995. 
(3) Well, rain, to be honest. You died from that. 

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