Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More awesome sauce

Because I stick my nose into people's affairs I get to meet people who are kewl. 

I met an Aboriginal man who paints in a contemporary Aboriginal style and I commissioned a kookaburra-themed artwork for theboy. 

I had bought theboy a burned-into-wood rendering of laughing kookaburras from an old mate selling soldering-iron-crisped artistic woodstuffs in the main artery of the Kippax shopping precinct when theboy was still in utero. It was an impulse purchase to mark theboy's impending arrival. theboy loves the artwork's origin story because it's tied in with his.

So when I met the artist and found he took commissions I asked if he could do a work for me. 

It looks fucking amazing—picture potentially to come later—and theboy loves it. 

Just after I left the artist's house up the north side of Canberra and as I furtled back home along the Parkway south I reflected on just what an awesome career I've had. 

I've had kewl adventures and have met kewl people.

That's more awesome sauce, right there.


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