Sunday, August 16, 2015

I fear another wine mixer

My hip ache may just be muscular, or at least just related to something other than hip decay. I know the first hip replacement was another character defining blip on the en-rule highway but on the whole I'd rather not do a second.

theboy was excited.

"Even more machine," he breathed huskily, making marks in the small brown notepad whose scrawling within is a codex of his own creation. 

He later told a random child his age in the Bunning's playground that I was to become more robot.

The worst pain comes when seated in the car and it is agony to drive. Seated on a normal chair seems to be okay. 

We all have our nicks and burrs as we chortle through life—a Christmas sock filled with oddity and deformity stocking fillers. It could, as always, always be worse.


UPDATE: Did a test sit in the car, on the passenger side. It seemed okay. The car pillow was already in place to allow me to sit at an angle, left there by theWife. Aw, that's awesome. Perhaps a bald bone spot just lined up with a bald bone spot, or it was just a deep bruise? Either way probs crossed it's temporary.

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