Thursday, August 13, 2015

Can no longer be a lone wolf

For the vast bulk of my career I've been autonomous. I've been given tasks to do but not managed in how to do them. I either was trusted to get on and do it or no one gave enough of a shit to interfere.

But that old life of being a lone wolf died and I have to adjust to working in teams and taking each team's feedback.

It's hard. I'm resistant, even if the feedback is constructive and delivered in a pleasant manner. I often feel I know better and it's a challenge to not say things like that because that is not a team thing to say.

I had a recent long and sometimes robust discussion over an issue. It went for an hour until I felt I'd made my points whilst also taking on board theirs. I understood the need to change things—or at least codify an agreed way to do it—then wrote a detailed snapshot of the issue for a future discussion. I later thanked this team for taking a chunk out of their day to firmly argue me around to their position whilst giving me the opportunity to talk it out. 

It was a hard conversation but it was fair, detailed, with reference to experience and reasoned. I work in a team and they were doing exactly what good teammates do. 

Lone wolf; meet teamwork. I can still have autonomy, I just have to factor in the views of the teams as I get all the team benefits like access to mad skillz and passion.

That's a positive attitude; go me. 


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