Friday, August 28, 2015

Back flare

My fibromyalgia from neg-grappling (1) has flared from my shoulder to across my back. I keep trying to stretch it out, as if it was a purely muscular instead of neuro-psychological and that an on-tippie-toes-fingers-to-the-sky would simply sort it all out. 

I call it back flare. I think of it as being like the burn-off of gas from a Nigerian oil-rig at night. 

That blue-black patch came on quick. 

In spite of the pain I had a meaningful day. I'm insanely lucky to do something I'm good at and that I enjoy. My body may scream, kick a tanty or shout but I stagger-crawl ever onward with purpose and pride.

That's hero shit, man.

Later, I had a walk-past from a colleague to check I was okay—and I was.


(1) My industrious new term for suffer-cope with negative emotion.

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