Friday, August 07, 2015

A second drawer post

Forgot head pills two days running
I forgot to have my morning head meds two days running and by lunchtime on both days I was pretty wiggy with head spins and a skittish mood.

When I got home yesterday I swallowed my missed morning pills but one of the pills was to be chewed, not swallowed. It lodged in my windpipe and I started choking. theWife rushed in and smashed me with heel palm strikes to the upper back until the pill dislodged.

By my count that's about the thirty-first time I have nearly died. I've nearly been shot, blown up, have survived a lead pipe to the head (1), defeated numerous infections, had a nervous breakdown and once nearly walked off a cliff with soft-core mags in my backpack.

I'm like an ice cream parlour run by a failed Grim Reaper; 31 flavours of near death.

Drive-by Boganing
I haven't had a drive-by boganing—where a car load of young male fuckwits yells or performs abuse as they drive past a stranger—for a long time. Indeed, the opportunity to do it to me has greatly reduced since I can't walk long distances and therefore rarely walking on the street.

This time they got me on the two minute walk from the bus stop to home. As I stepped off the bus my pants had snagged in my arse crack and I pulled them out just as a Rav 4 load of said bogans saw me across the road from where their street intersected mine. As they swerved out onto my road the front passenger stuck his still-clothed arse out the window as his mates egged him on with cheers and jeers

They couldn't even go the proper moon. If you're going to stick your arse out the window for fuck's sake commit to the bit and pull your pants down.

Shared origin stories
The new team shared origin stories. It was most interesting. My colleagues have all led incredible working lives, as have I, and  it was great to find out where they'd worked and what they'd worked on. I'm blessed to be in such a skill-heavy area. They've already value added with ideas to help me in the workplace. Hooray for great team mates!

Received a thank you call then made sure to mention it

There's no point hiding your light under a bushel. I got a call from an area thanking me for some work on their behalf. So I sent an email telling the team our service got praise. Hooray for praise! Sure, it was a friend who had called but it still counted.

Angry fish less in my grill
The anger and anxiety flares I've suffered of late are dimming and the anger fish in my Mikey pond is no longer getting up in my face business. I hate being lost to introspective anger—where you get trapped in a thought whirlpool of fury and hurt.  

Now I'm going to ride SoTPC and try and lose myself in my viewing poison instead of being swallowed by the anger and pain.


UPDATE: I rode 10 more minutes than usual because I felt so good. Joy fish all around!

(1) It happened in the kitchen. I was that close to becoming Mr Boddy.

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