Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Furtling along...

theBoy and I share a word—furtle, or furtling—which means to swivel your eyeballs in a suspicious manner. It now has a larger meaning of tucking your head down to just eyeballs above the rim level and sneakily zooming along. 

I am officially in a new position and oldwork has forever lost their hold. My newwork is awesome and I get to do fun things as I furtle along, tweaking things here, suggesting things there. An insidious influence by sheer dint of competence. 

Yes, my self-esteem is still that high. As I scored in black pen on the bookshelf hutch in the shed a year ago—I will never feel shit about myself again.

I am still sore. My stomach still suffers the occasional IBS yuckfest, but it's nowhere near as often. The old ladies, my fibromyalgia, still flare now and then, but it's not at five minute intervals of my body self destructing as it was in the days leading up to my collapse. I still suffer occasional anxiety flares, and a loud or sudden noise can send me screaming into fight (slash) flight, but that reaction happens less, and the aftermath is not as bad—and I have a six-year-old!

I used to have a mantra of self-dislike, critiquing flaws such as my body or a wincing recall of a past regret. That's forever gone, replaced with words of courage and defiance: "I cannot be hurt", "I cannot be harmed", "I cannot be beaten" or "I cannot be defeated". 

Even as pain fires as I walk, in my head I'm okay. It's the burden I bear to be awesome.

Wellness for the win.