Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Area man calls own son a dirty snedger

Ah, remember when snedging burst its way on to the political scene when former Liberal WA leader—now treasurer—Troy Buswell was revealled to have publicly snedged a chair a hot girl had been sitting on? Snedging being to smell said chair so as to catch any lingering odours that may have been laid down by a previous occupant. 

Anyway, great times.

So I was playing the junior version of Labyrinth with theBoy when he did an excellent move which enabled his ghost—I know, ghosts seem an add choice for game pieces considering that traditionally ghosts can go through walls—to grab one of the treasure tokens, a handsome throne. We'd decided long ago that the ghosts actually "ate" the treasures when they got them, like Slimer does in Ghostbusters. Since I'd been beaten—and he was winning six three at that point—I called him a dirty snedger. Okay, his ghost didn't "smell" the throne but he did eat it and smell and taste are inextricably linked, and a throne is in essence just a fancy seat. So I say the accusation stands; my son is a dirty snedger. 

Later in the game theBoy pulled off a James T Kirk on the Kobayashi Maru simulation and when he couldn't move a single tile to connect up a corridor to move his ghost along to gobble a treasure he cheekily moved three tiles in one sweep to enable him to illegally do so anyway. He repeated this cheating form for the last goal—a jewelled dagger—by zooming along the corridor and then simply turning a tile around so the corridor connected to where the treasure was and away he went to gobble. Given the sheer effrontery of his manuevers I just had to accept defeat on both of them. 

The final result was (him) eight and (me) four. 

He won ... this time...

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So I've been through some stuff...

I've not been well and have had many adventures as a result. I'm just logging in to say HELLO! and to say I'm getting better. Ah, Real Life, you do amuse me so.