Friday, May 11, 2012

Same thing happened to me

So Romney has been outed as a school bully who once led a pack of like-minded mob-fueled Snooty McRichos (elite boarding school boys) to cut off the blonde-tipped fringe of a younger boy. A boy that was also presumed to be gay. 

Difference unfortunately makes you a target in school. Some kids basically enter the schooling system with a giant fucking target on them that makes them attract crap like this. And sure, especially for more sensitive kids, how you react to having shit constantly heaped on you can make you a more attractive target.

That happened to me a lot. Both at the all boys private school and then at the state school I went to. At the private all boy school I was not only fat, but not able to do sport, wore sneakers (for medical reasons) and had a big mouth. While that made me stand out in stark contrast and draw much aggro in the private school when I went to the state school ... a lot of that hassled for difference crap continued.

In year 12, at the state school, I decided to grow a ponytail. It was the late '80s and ponytails were naff. Nonetheless I let a bit of length grow and I started using a rubber band to keep my tiny tail in place.

At some point during my time in the state school I'd accidentally pissed off P---. P--- was a relatively cool person, well-liked, moderately sporty and so forth. He was also tall and blonde and the girls thought he was likely awesome. He was also well-established having been there from year seven onward. The thing that pissed him off was my accidentally telling his dad I'd been lending P--- my English notes because back then I was good at English and he wasn't so much. His dad, who I believe was a major arsehole to his family, apparently ragged on him big time. I suspect maybe even violently. So from that moment on P--- treated me poorly and encouraged others to do the same. 

It was minor stuff at worst. Demanding apologies for incidental acts on my part (1) or saying stuff about me to his friends. I'm pretty sure he's also the person that found my unguarded yellow stack-hat—the mandated safety helmets we wore back then were not stylish—and drew a massive cock on it. 

Anyway so I had my proto ponytail on the grow and he saw it. He and his mates hung shit on me and I suspect I merrily told them all to go and get fucked.

So they held me down and cut it off. 

Then, years later, when had I re-grown my ponytail, when I went to the only nightclub of note in town I'd then have to endure the occasional arsehole yanking on it. 

It's years later as I recall all of these things and again be reminded of how sad I felt a lot of the time with being menaced, bullied, put upon, yelled at, and largely excluded.

Here's the thing, though. It may sound pat—and it certainly sounds like the sort of thing your mum would say when you come crying to her about other kids being mean to you—but in some ways I think they were jealous. Jealous because I didn't conform and for the most part didn't give enough of a shit to conform. I was my own weird little(large) person and while I was often sad I was excluded I didn't change myself to fit them, I stayed me. I stayed me as I left school. I stayed me as I went to uni. Hell, I've stayed me despite all the pressure not to be me whilst being gainfully employed lo these many years.

Sure, sometimes it sucks to be me. But I'd rather be me than them any day; life can't be easy being a sad, scared little sheep.

Mitt Romney was a tool as a kid. A rich elitist tool to whom conformity seems to have been an obsession. To the point he led a pack assault on another kid because that kid's haircut and presumed sexuality was threatening to him and the broader group.

But that was fifty years ago. A lot of time has moved on. Maybe he's a better man? I doubt it though given he wanks on constantly about "values" and the inherent value of conformity. 

As for his bullying ways well he became a vulture capitalist, didn't he?

(1) For example I hilariously once turned a power switch off once that had a stereo plugged into it and he stiff-armed walked me back and made me switch it back on. All in front of everyone else.

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