Saturday, May 05, 2012

Okay, I'll pay that

theBoy has discovered the delights of internet games as played through a desktop computer. In this case a game on a Lego website.

If we're using the desktop and he wants to he gets a little ansty. Sometimes he will grab your mouse-using arm and hang off it in an effort to pry you off. This has been banned and he gets scolded when he does it.

Today I was biding time while a download finished and using the desktop (1) when suddenly I felt a pressure on my arm. 

I looked round. There was theBoy, still in his PJs, armed with a green slab of Lego grass, a large plastic mat with Lego bumps on it you can build houses on, sawing away with the slab at a midpoint between my shoulder and elbow.

I asked him what he was doing. 

'I am sawing off your arm so you can't use the puter and so I can play Lego game!' he said happily. 

Fair enough. Access to desktop via a hilarious hint for me to hand over the keyboard and mouse has been duly earned.

But then theWife called him away for a quick early lunch and allowed me to blog this. 

Fuck me he's a funny little man. This morning after I showed him a Madagascar clip on YouTube he decided to change the lyrics in 'I like to move it' to 'I like to poo it'. There's no arguing with that change!

(1) I was actually cooking up a randomly generated NPC using my adapted D&D3.5 rule set. I am a super nerd. Albeit one minus any form of hard science understanding or mathematical ability (1a)
(1a) I tried to withdraw from Three Unit maths in Year 11 when I discovered I hated it. They wouldn't let me. So I deliberately torqued the course and simply ran out the clock for the year on it. In my final exam I did a great big doodle of a stage with maths cartoons all praising an equals sign (maybe a sub-conscious manifestation of my belief in a universal brotherhood of mankind?) I recently read Stephen Fry's autobiography Moab is my Washpot, lent to me by A--- my former ex-working-with colleague (and one of my stand-out faves from my 15 plus years under the collar of white). In it Fry recalled torquing a physics exam with his response to a question about the physics behind riding a bike with a very detailed picture of a bike and an arrow pointing to the theory which could be found in a handsome little fanny pack belted to the seat. So I am in good company there. 

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