Saturday, May 05, 2012

Geeky geeky joy joy

I recently went and played Artemis—a starship bridge simulator—where seven of us networked our laptops into a local router and then took on various (cue echo effect) SPACE ENEMIES!

It was a lot of space-fun.

So ... what position did I get? Helm, or the pilot's role. How did I go? Well for the most part ... I did okay. I soon got the hang of it and I admit to some semi-show off piloting in approaching a space station at Warp 2 and then cutting the juice to drift for a second or two until in tractor beam range for the station to grab us for the dock. I also went at Warp 3 a couple of times through an asteroid field and/or just past the lip of a space minefield.

I say for the most part I did okay at helm because there was a tiny Mikey boo boo ... in that I flew us straight into a black hole which, for some reason, killed all the damage control parties and left us stranded for all of eternity. Eventually the game booted us out which was good as everyone was deservedly heaping mockery on me for my warping us into a singularity. 

By the way ladies ... my penis ... that's not spaghettification. That's just ALL Mikey. 

Oh, speaking of geeky geeky joy joy ... The Avengers movie as written (slash) directed by Joss Whedon; as Mother Jones puts it the movie is a 'cripplingly powerful nerdgasm' (1).

Indeed it was. My mind is still blown! The only downside for us in the viewing was the fucked-in-the-head family that brought their one-year-old and three-year-old into the cinema with both kids arcing up at several points. I even headed on out to get an usher to deal with it at one point except the mum then took the one-year-old screamer out. So I returned to my seat. Of course she then planted herself along the tunnel to the door which we were near in order to soothe and still watch so as irony would have it the screaming child was more intrusive.

I do not understand the mentality of such people. Why take kids that young to a movie like that?! Here's an idea. One of you stays the fuck home with the kids and then tags out with the left behind parent to go see it solo when they return. It was after-all the middle of the day so it's not like they haven't got the time to do it. 


(1) Some spoilers in terms of character and dialogue. 


  1. The game and Avengers were both awesome. Your black hole experience was pretty funny too, but not for the same reasons... :p

  2. Such mockery!

    And I never got that coffee with milk and two sugars! Worst. Comms officer. Ever.

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    At least you avoided running into the nuke blast. :)
    And the coffee was good.
    el Robbo

  4. I'm such a good comms officer I can communicate with sign language. *shows Mikey her middle finger*


  5. Hey! I got you that damned coffee, Second Lieutenant Mikey! Super weak and three sugars, if I recall correctly...

    - Signed, Ensign-Purser 3rd Class Cthu1hu

  6. And I don't mind saying I watched you as you sashayed off, your buttocks rhythmically pumping through the thin weave of your uniform-issue mini-dress...


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