Monday, April 30, 2012

What an appalling betrayal of trust

So the Health Services Union report into financial dodginess has come out and it reveals senior figures in the union spent millions of dollars on goods and services without going to tender or even obtaining comparative prices, with goods and services often purchased from close associates. It also has no real accountability for $600 000 spent each year on credit cards, and even after this was brought to light ... still no accountability measures have been brought in.

By contrast in the public service you need someone with three different grades of approval to sign off on a purchase of less than 5k and they have to wear the responsibility for the purchase if it proves to be not justified. You can lose your fucking job over an unjustified purchase.

Health Services workers are some of the hardest working and least paid for their work people in the services industry, and many are recent immigrants doing shitty jobs others won't do. My mother's retirement home for example is practically a United Nations of workers from all over the globe, and most from poorer countries at that. Health Services Union members have all been manifestly let down by a combination of apathy and greed. Not only that these senior leaders have blackened the union movement with this crap and given those on the right, those that wish to retard the rights of workers and to pay them less, political capital out of it. How they must all be hooting in their plummy tones, monocles toppling into their glasses of top notch plonk with all their mirthful jiggling (1).

Seriously, how utterly fucked? Each and every single one of those people who took money from the union coffers, either directly in credit card fraud or indirectly by giving deals to mates for inflated-in-value goods and services, should be cast out not just from the union but from the ALP. 

Just appalling. What a total, total let down.

(1) Okay, okay. Not everyone who dislikes unions is a plummy voiced rich type person but have you ever heard a pack of Young Liberals? Now imagine them 20 years older.


  1. I know. Makes me so angry!

  2. On what planet were they on where they thought what they was doing was in any way acceptable?!


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