Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks, Bob

Adios to Bob Brown. A fundamentally decent man that has spent his life sticking up for people and the environment. He will be missed.


  1. I heard about this. I wonder what will happen to the Greens now...

  2. I think they will be okay. Milne is renowned for being tough, smart, committed and focussed. The piece by Peter Hartcher in the SMH about the transition gives me hope that the Greens will continue their good works.

  3. GametesRhyme9:22 PM

    I certainly hope they will continue! however I do wonder how they will deal with being at once both a parliamentary party and part of a social movement.. and how if there is a desire to be more involved in partisan politics how to juggle what can be at times two completely different sets of goals.

    My 5 cents (coz we no longer have 1s or 2s, as in cent pieces not anything else ;)

  4. Random observation: blogger left aligns the text in the posts but justifies the comments. What's with that?


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