Friday, April 20, 2012

Never sit in the Dr Evil chair naked...

... or O--- might take one look at your dangler and, with his roughened tongue, then lick your pee-hole...

Stupid fucking cat (1).

Oh, I recently had another workplace-induced OH&S assessment of my home in order I can legally work from home. That's the third in four years. And it's the third time they've suggested I get a different chair. They have a point. I have now fallen out of this chair about a half dozen times since we bought it, including one memorable occasion when I snapped the wheel strut.

I better have a shower before the cat comes back and licks my... 

(1) It's not the first time either... 


  1. GametesRhyme6:14 PM

    Sometimes I wonder if all cats are like that-express more than a passing interest in human junk.

    When I was a fair bit younger and still living at home we had a male cat tha would do this thing we called 'the sexy dance'. whenever one of us girls* was ovulating he would literally come up and try to appreciate your junk with any part of his body. it was awkward with clothes, but damn creepy if he snuck into your room and you were changing.
    strange thing was he expressed no interest in femme felines.

  2. Ha! I had heard boy cats preferred lady people but not for those reasons. It's predatory unwelcome behaviour. Their supervisor needs to act!

  3. The tongue was most rough


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