Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's a kind of magic

With thanks to Queen and Highlander.

I don't think I will ever get over the sense of wonder of being able to use my tablet or loaner iPhone and simply dial into the web and call up pretty much whatever I want when I want it.

Today I lay on the big bed with theBoy, he having spent a merry 20 minutes treating me as PLAYGROUND! where he grabbed or sat on various parts of my body and pretended they were elements available in kiddie-type fun setting—slide, swing set, spring-mounted frog, monkey bars and so forth. We then started doing Humpty and Stumpty stories, theBoy accepting my story pitch of the brothers having recently acquired a small motorised corner shop, painted it pink, and now driving around to dry it more quickly.

The idea of a house driving around was cool and I wanted to show him it in action. I had my Beloved next to me, my Toshiba tablet, so I reached over and tried to find a segment on the web that showed The Goodies driving around in their house, a memorable episode for me. 

Alas I couldn't find it. But there was a wealth of Goodies-related video goodness, so we went through a bunch of those—Ecky Thump, the Beans ads, Walkies, various title sequences and more. Just lying there, calling them up, then playing and laughing and giggling.

It's a kind of magic, indeed.

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