Sunday, April 01, 2012

He's useful now!

Not only can he get cans of Diet Coke for me from the fridge but he's willing to scratch my back.

Unlike theWife...


  1. MyBoy is half YourBoy's age and I've been getting him to do stuff around the house. You're just not trying hard enough!

    The back-scratching thing is a bit much though... :p

  2. Yes but you're a trending evil super villain in her exercise bike crafting lair who needs minions to fuel her dreams of conquest...

  3. GametesRhyme11:40 AM

    .. and the dreams of conquest involve frustrating the masses because in pursuing their bike riding desires they remain stationary? Now that's pretty clever Cass! Massive hat tip to you..

  4. Yes. Yes, that's what's going on!

  5. I assume this is the only reason people have children.

  6. It probably would have been less effort to get a helper monkey.

    Pray ... for ... Mojo ...


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