Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I just got kicked out of bed for laughing. We were both reading but mine was a funny one. My giggling irked her. It's fair enough. She's reading The Left Hand of God which is a fuck-off awesome book. I was sullying the seriousness.

Still ... this is the day the laughter died.

And what am I reading? Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live.

Quick, what book have you on the go and what do you like about it? This is a genuine pitch, not an unsolicited comment plead. Call now!

Today I saw a picture of the Swedish Chef from The Muppets. Later, every now and then, I softly blurted a high-pitched 'BLORT! BLORT! BLORT!'

It's good to be me.


  1. I've just finished Andrew Leigh's book called Disconnected. It's a short, interesting read.

    Also - try Paul Johnson's Impro book. You might like that.

  2. I just finished "Saints Astray" by Jacqueline Carey. Unfortunately I didn't like it as much as any of her other books, so you're asking the wrong question there. But I'm about to start "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins (sequel to "The Hunger Games"), which I am quite looking forward to.

  3. GametesRhyme8:19 PM

    Currently reading Cornel West's "The Ethical Dimension of Marxist Thought" (not in any way study related, have seen him appear on Bill Maher [thanks for the recommendation there btw HM] and have been having a massive intellectual crush..
    It's really interesting.. because West defines his interpretation of Marxism outside of what I have previously read and studied.. his personal history is very much entwined with how he explains the ethics of Marxism.. and the use of Marxist ethics in progressive individuals and communities.

  4. Aw thanks for responding, guys. Very interesting responses. And yay for Maher! I just watched 20 mins as I took on Cass's heaving sea bitch, the TPC. Geat stuff.

  5. Bit late but this is what I have on the go at the moment:

    Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking - Susan Cain
    Volume 1 of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (which is a reread)
    Tender At The Bone - Ruth Reichl
    Taken - Robert Crais.

    Recently finished Inside Scientology which just proved to me how utterly unhinged LRH and David Miscavige were/are.

  6. Oooo they all sound most interesting!

    Inside Scientology sounds awesome. I recently read a bunch of Scientology articles, accessed via longform, that mentioned Miscavige and his somewhat odd managerial style of enforced dunkings and alleged violence.

    You have to hand it to them on the tax front. Having 3000 odd members simultaneously launch suits against the IRS for not recognising Scientology as a religion and therefore discount their deductions for 'audits' was genius. Especially since it worked at their religious status got restored...

  7. Yes! I read that article, too.

    When you can say that LRH was less of a megalomaniac than the current leadership, you get a pretty good idea of just how bad Miscavige is.


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