Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The other day I spilled my remaining SUPERMEDS! They spilled in the shed and went scattering across the dust bunny dusted floor and into nooks and crannies. I could only find about half of them. Now, having run out, I decided to go back in. With the self-powered torch for extra illumination I moved boxes and hunted through the cobwebbed spill zone to see if I could recover more. I suppose in a way this is analogous to higher crude oil prices resulting in unprofitable operations now becoming profitable. My need was greater and thus I was willing to ferret around a rather hideous environment to garner what little I could get. Oh no! This is the plot to the second Mad Max movie!

Anyway, I found some. Covered in shed filth, but still viable. I had them and they did the trick. Indeed, this may sound a tad after school special, but the fact I earned them by having to endure crouching, winding (of the self-powered torch) and fossicking amid dark recesses of a past life (1) made the joy of their use that much sweeter.

(turns to side, pelvic thrusts like Duff man)

Oh yeah...

(1) i.e. no longer used furniture and boxes of our tat

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