Saturday, March 03, 2012

Still got it!

I still have the unsettled feeling at work. That something's wrong. I hate it. I actually avoid confrontations because I know afterwards I will be feeling sick inside. Work is poison again for me.

But against that is the fun of messing around with my beautiful child, laughing at his energy and wit.

Mikey for the win!


  1. I'm sorry (about the first bit). :(

  2. The worst part is to a normal person all the crap that happened would have been readily dealt with. But in my enfeebled state hurts are magnified and dark plots seen in shadows. I feel maybe I should have a sit down or something but I am worried about drawing "aggro" if I do. It's all very fucked up.

  3. I had a morning like that yesterday. A bunch of little things went wrong, but because I had a pounding headache they went from minor irritations to OMFGWTF issues. I hope that next week is better.

  4. When the stress on your threshold for crap drops precipitously...

  5. Exactly!

  6. My threshold is pretty low at the moment. I keep expecting to get bollocked any time anyone talks to me. Broken!


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