Thursday, March 22, 2012

It might be time to bid adieu

No, not that, I mean to my sad pills. I've been reading up on the side effects. I think there's a chance they may be exacerbating the sheer constant post-surgery ache of my body, with muscle weakness being a potential complication. They also have an enhancement to caffeine half life and might be impacting on my crap sleep. Plus they can impact on bowel regularity. It seems counter intuitive to stop them because I have depression but if they're potentially exacerbating my IBS and enhancing my surgery-induced ouchies from the most minor of physical activity then perhaps it's worth giving that a go? Since the reason I am depressed is mostly because I feel like shit and can't shit properly most of the time. I could always back stop my sads armour with fast-acting anti-anxiety meds that I could take on an as needed basis if the incidences of grief-bursts arise post stopping a daily pill.

Time to talk to the doc I think.


  1. I hope the doc has some sort of answer. Is it possible to find a different sads pill that doesn't have the same raft of side-effects?

  2. Well they've all got their woody issues...

  3. That's true. :(

  4. GametesRhyme8:47 PM

    that particular effect seems to dominate for those in possession of outward personal bits.

    I hope that the talk with the Dr goes well, and results in general all round feeling less shitty (in both a metaphorical and literal sense).

  5. Amen. Today was particularly hard. I just felt utterly wrung out.


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