Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Barbary Dawn by Augustine Silkysnatch

The lanky pirate winced as the winsome slave girl daubed his just-stitched knife sliced flesh with honey.

'To prevent your wound from souring,' breathed the dusky-skinned beauty by way of explanation, her body trembling at tending to Captain Jyke Goldenrod, the most notorious of all the Anglo pirates that prowled like lone sharks the sea off the North African coast.

'I don't suppose you could daub a little here too?' he asked. He held up his manacled wrists, resting the tips of his fingers against his high cheekbone, his long flaxen hair shading his unshaven face, a single ice-blue eye peering out with mocking insolence. She could see on his wrists the skin had reddened then broken under the chaffing of the imprisoning metal bracelets.

'Of course, Captain Goldenrod, it would be my ... pleasure,' she said, lightly dipping her finger in her honey pot. She held up her honey-covered digit, letting a single drop ooze then dripple onto to Goldenrod's nipple, his Alexandrian Lighthouse of a man mammary tip stiffening under the impact of the goey tipple (1).

'My pleasure as well,' said Captain Goldenrod, his hand speeding out like a striking sea snake to grab her slender brown wrist, the pale white of his long muscular fingers standing out against the dark of her skin, the pirate imprisoning her with his clenched fist as surely as the manacles imprisoned himself.

The slave girl surrendered to Goldenrod. Hungrily, he drew her body to his and she gasped as he ran his hand beneath her...


(1) 29 synonyms to go!
(2) ?


  1. Gosh! Augustine, you saucy minx!

  2. That's a total bustle dampener!

    (fixed typos; realised I used the word wound three times in the first third and changed it etc.)


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