Thursday, February 09, 2012

A private viewing

We braved torrential rain, at one point pulling over to de-mist the windows, and went and saw the new Muppet movie; The Muppets. Since it's been out for a while here in Oz the cinema was not packed. Indeed we were the only ones in it; just the Indomitable Trio!

theBoy and I shared a medium popcorn and I am embarrassed to say that together we nearly ate the whole tub (1). theBoy loved The Muppets. He kept singing 'We built this city' on the way home in the car. He then launched into a plan to build a giant cinema with just three permanent seats for us, but with furniture stored away for when his friends came around. Their chairs will have their names on them. This then bled into a car-based Storyverse session, with Humpty and Stumpty coming to watch The Muppets. Naturally Synybatbat somehow got into the projection area, investigated the cinema's workings, and at one point the screen showed a mangled dead fish instead of said muppets.


And did I love it? I did. It was funny, it was heart-warming, and it was kewl seeing all the cameos. My fave being the Ragin' Cajun himself, James Carville.

If you're a Muppets fan, or indeed a Jason Segel fan, then this movie is for you!

(1) I normally do a Jack Black at the Drive Thru and ask the counter people to give me a small popcorn and then tip half of it out. Half the time they refuse to because it's against policy. I know; world/gone/mad/etc.

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