Friday, February 17, 2012


The kidz today, with their music, likely presume mash-up to mean a song smooshed together, Glee! style. 

It's also this; the mash-up ... of poo. I think perhaps it was maybe the fourth or fifth search theWife performed but finally find it she did; the coin theBoy swallowed a few days before after he'd been trusted, and how was theWife to know theBoy would eat the money?, with holding a two-dollar coin for a ride promised for his near future. 

No, he did not get to go on the ride. We're not that soft!

As noted in a comment at the original post, theBoy was apparently excited to see the coin was tarnished and claimed therefore that his 'body ate the gold!'

And I say again. What a Chooky! 

Anyway, big-ups to theWife for fossicking through fecal matter for a swallowed treasure to ensure it passed. It's not a task I envied.


  1. GametesRhyme5:15 PM

    theWife deserves a gold medal, and a super-hero costume with naming rights..

  2. Oh totally. It all sounded very disgusting. the boy isn't think so. He wanted to watch...

  3. Well, she did sort of get a gold medal - in the form of an undigested $2 coin...


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