Friday, February 17, 2012

I met someone recently I almost instantly liked

I'm off doing a 'I nearly died' adventure, as in a new-perspective-on-life-having-nearly-died type thing. For the next few weeks I am doing a communal-community type activity I've always wanted to try but been too scared to do, and I recently went to the first night. Somehow I managed to push down the shyguy that I become when out in public and pushed in with complete strangers.

I rarely do big leaps like this given my Hobbit-like preference for bunkering down in our idyllic compound-surrounds. But despite that I did it and I didn't run away. Half-way through I had a mini-panic of 'I suck at this' or 'I really don't feel comfortable' but then I accepted the fear and the embarrassment and again kept pushing through. I will go again next week.

One guy there was like me, only younger, confident and better looking. But we're both heavyset, both bearded. He definitely had a Jack Black-like vibe going, and he had a practiced way of walking and talking. Again, like me. I got talking to him in the break while he had a cig and I was enjoying our convo so much that we were late back into it. We then both had to work out what the fuck was going on. He was also a self-effacing confessor, having explained he was a non-drinker after years of being one and having cracked a lot bigger in size than he is now. 

When he first turned up, he was late and sneaked in. But his sneaking was comically overt and designed to be noticed. So initially I thought 'I see we have an extrovert...' But his fearlessness and willingness to take risks when speaking was admirable and I enjoyed muchly all of his contributions. 

Alas because he's not a drinker he fucked off after class and I couldn't talk further, since some of us repaired to a nearby drinking place. But talk more we will. Talk more we will. 

Anyway, I have defied death once more. Suck my fat one, death.


  1. Sounds fascinating!

  2. Scary ... and I hurt like a mofo at the moment from it still.

  3. We need to talk so you can tell me what this mystery venture is!


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