Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Google goodness

As them thar this blog is Google powered, blogspot owned by the good people at Google, the stats section that comes with it is pretty kewl. It gives you stats to within two hours of collection and lets you have a gander at search terms that led people to your piece of the e-soapbox.

Despite having fewer regular readers than fingers I still have a healthy enough ego that I check the stats regularly. Now and then someone links to something and I get a small spike. Most recently there was a spike to a Murdoch-themed spray from seven or so years ago.

So I checked the stats and scoped out the key words section where it lists search terms used.

And there it was. Someone came to this blog through the search term 'amputee jokes'. Not once, but twice.

How delightful.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Two separate people? Too funny!

  2. What are the odds?! I'm used to people coming her for horse fucking, but amputee jokes?! Even I have standards.


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