Thursday, February 09, 2012

And good morning to you!

My belt was in the laundry sink. I left it there after pulling it free from the confines of my dirty pants prior to their laundering. Now wearing the very pants I had laundered I had to retrieve the belt.

As I walked into the laundry my big toe partially intruded into a squishy yellowed lung sausage upon the tiled floor. A lung sausage left in the night by one of our two cats.

Alas I cannot bend so all I could do was wipe off the toe and inform theWife there was a clean-up in aisle three.

theCats! (shakes fist impotently at the true masters of theHouse)


  1. GametesRhyme4:43 PM

    those bloody lung sausages.. I've recently started sharing a house with a fur-human cat. She definitely decided to indicate who was boss one afternoon.
    Sitting in the backyard, having a few soothing ales. This particular cat seemed to have taken a dislike towards me, so when she came close and started rubbing against my leg I thought a bridge had been built. It turns out no - she was just building steam before gurgled up a fur-ball of massive proportion on my lower extremities.

    After that, our relationship was right was rain, and she did purr occassionally without the follow on lung sausage action.. She's actually a pretty sweet cat.

  2. I was stuck in McDonald's impotently waiting on a call when on a whim I used my loaner iPhone to make use of the free WiFi. Being the narcassist I am I checked the blog then read this. Lo did I chuckle heartily and loud and I am sure caught the attenion of the dozen 14-year-olds staffing the inadequately long counter. I thank you!

  3. GametesRhyme7:02 PM

    good to hear that occassionally I can strike a humourous note.. happy to share those moments where if you don't laugh, you're not sure what else to do..


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