Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You said McDonald's

Years ago Canberra Cabs experimented with a voice-activated automated response to pick-up locations when you rang for a cab. It sucked arse hair. I think within a year they ditched it after being screamed at with abuse for such monumentally fucked-up voice-recognition system. theWife used to be in a position that required a bit of local travel between buildings. Liaison to XYZ sort of stuff. It's no wonder she was chosen. She's skilled at putting people at ease, charming their socks off with winsome occasional child-like behaviour (1), but she's also smart on her feet and has a talent for crafting simple yet satisfying messages. She's a government info dispensing wunderkind. 

Anyway the Wife used taxis a fair amount because they didn't have that many cars they could book. They had to experience using the voice-activation system. theWife swore that no matter what you actually said that half the time the response would be 'You said ... McDonald's...'. She does a good impression of the fucked voice it used and everything. Coz of her mad skills, y'all.

Any-hoo, I was reminded of this because instead of typing a word I wasn't sure to spell I decided to try the voice search system on my Beloved. I still can't spell the word I wanted to spell but it derived from redeem. So I decided to try for my word by trying for redeem and seeing if it was in that list of other versions—you know plural, as a verb etc.. It didn't work. The closest it got to redeem was 'rude babe'.

I think there's a little something in that for all of us.

(1) A shout out to Craggles. I nearly said chud-like.


  1. Redemption?

    Agree re: your wife. She is the bee's knees.

    1. Redeemable. I kept thinking it was Redeemiable.

      Which it isn't.

      And yeah, she pretty much is. Take that non-Bee Knee possessing people!

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I love that you love to talk about what you love about your love.


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