Sunday, January 01, 2012

Well hello, 2012

We saw the New Year in playing Munchkin Cthulhu at Casso's. Alas we were child(ren)-afflicted and thus tired as. The moment the new year ticked over we folded up the game in progress, though Craggles was the only one on level nine and could be argued the winner, and by 12.07 am we were on the road and headed for home.

We crawled into our respective beds and within short order slept the rest of the first morning away. As an added bonus theBoy didn't wake and rise until after eight and as a double bonus I got to sleep in. Hooray!

Now I no longer believe in arbitrary resolutions that have to kick off just because it's the first day of the year; eat better, exercise, be more productive, learn a language, try to swear less etc. It's too much pressure. If you're going to do self improvement then start when you're read to start; don't let social convention dictate kick off and if you are electing to put more resources to being a better you start off small and do so sustainably so you don't flame out.

So in the spirit of ignoring New Year resolutions, this morning my breakfast was a Streets' Golden Gaytime.

Fuck you, 2012.


  1. *smacks forehead with hand*

  2. It was awesome, too. So tasty. So quirky.

  3. I do love a Gaytime, don't get me wrong. But I knew there would be a subsequent IBS post, and I was right!

  4. I had foolishly gambled it would not trigger.

    Curse my foolishness.

    Still as far as Gaytimes went ... it was pretty good.


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