Saturday, January 28, 2012


It's landing. Being blessed with slow motility, motility being the name given to passage of matter through the intestines, it means material banks up. So when I go then boy do I go. Not in one great glorious brown cascade but in painful sections where it's hard to pass and exhausting but you seem to have passed a normal load. Only there's two more normal loads banked up the chute and the next one off the rank is due for a pain-wracked drop off in half an hour.

I've taken SUPERMEDS! and with theWife up I am back to bed. Cross fingers I can sleep the pain off. theBoy was fun when I did the morning wrangle. We told stories. I tried to introduce a sub-plot where I got cuddles but theBoy yelled 'no sub-plots!' Later he was on a roll and started doing Storyverse himself. I just nodded, grunted, or said 'then what happened?' He can do this solo storytelling for ages, and he moves around all the time during it, prowling back and forth like a Gospel preacher. It's a joy to see.

(lightly clutches tight tummy) Sigh...

UPDATE: I'm in time out on the big bed for having ruined the cinema game. Cheeky daddy!

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