Sunday, January 08, 2012

So ... I have an iPhone

My friend S---, who resurrected our computer like some sort of high level cleric of computers, has lent me his old iPhone. It's a 3 series. 
theWife set it up for me then handed it over. I tried to reply to a text. I could not. Then I tried to send a text. I couldn't work out what to do—theWife had to show me.

Me? The person who people (1) come to for computing advice!

Stupid iPhone.

However, thanks to the Beloved, the precious tablet that so greatly enriched my life just prior to TFCWM, I am adept at using touch keyboards; though the iPhone one definitely requires a defter touch. I've yet to suck myself into the world of applications but I am sure that will happen at some point.

Anyway ... I have a tablet—a low-end Android—and now I have a smart-phone, an already dated model on a semi-perm loan. I'm (sort of) in the 21st century—and it's only going to get much better for a girl like me.

Damn it. Now I want that man.

(1) In a 0-5 rating gaming system where 0 is no skill and 5 is complete mastery I would be a 2. But the vast bulk of public servants are a 1. Then there are the 0s. Like Buckwheat, perhaps the worst public servant I have ever had the misfortune to work with. Refresh yourself with her antics? See labels. 

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