Thursday, January 12, 2012

No! (gallop, gallop, gallop)

theBoy is still grappling with the concept of acceptable violence. When thwarted or annoyed, on occasion he will physically lash out, often swinging a fist at what stymied him. It's often me. When it happens we then have to calmly explain to him how what he did was wrong and the repercussions of hitting people, 'they won't want to be your friend' etc. Sometimes we catch him in mid-swing or post-swing so when remonstrating with him we're holding on to his arm or hand to prevent further lashing out and/or escape from said remonstration.

This morning it was just he and me hanging out together. He was climbing along the top of the couch bed and I pulled him off and into my arms for a cuddle. He didn't like that and he punched me in the jaw. I grabbed a hold of his wrist to stop him hitting me more and getting away while I told him off. I held him firmly by the wrist but he regarded it as too firm and started to cry—'you hurt me!' He tends to claim police brutality when being held onto when told off for hitting. Anyway we resolved it and had a 'we forgive each other' cuddle afterwards.

If you're lucky to be in a couple as a parent after you have one of these solo parenting moments you give the other parent a precis of what happened so they can back you up and reinforce any  lessons duly meted out. So when theWife got up I told her all about it; 'Then we had a forgiveness cuddle!' I said, ending my recounting of the tale of woe as he watched on. I then held out my arms in case he wanted to re-enact the cuddle part.

'No!' he shouted. He then mounted a nearby hobby horse (1) and rode away.


(1) The hobby horse is a semi-fancy one in that it has a button on it that you can depress to elicit sound effects of a galloping noise followed by an enthusiastic whinny. Alas he didn't fire off the sound effect as he rode away. If this had been a scripted encounter then yes, that would have happened. Because as writing classes told me you tweak real life when it suits the story to do so. But this blog is an attempted honest recount of the day-to-day events twinned with what more broadly irks me so alas the truth wins out here. But I will teach him that if he ever wants to leave the room in such a fashion again that he should press the button to enhance the impact of his leaving.

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