Monday, January 02, 2012

Nice things happen too

I tend to piss and moan about crap on this them thar blog. In that I expect that when it comes to posts that are not about members of the indomitable trio who are not me, the subject matter tends to be negative in tone. As in this shitty thing happened to me or insert-subject-here gives me the shits. Or how much I hate Tony Abbott or one of his linked-to righty chums (George Pell, Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb, both Bishops etc.).

But outside of ranting about things that give me the shits, nice stuff does happen. As I lay here, passing stinky wind like a mother fucker (though exactly why a pattern of disturbing incestuous behaviour would characterise your anal gaseous emissions I know not), I was reminded of something nice that happened just before I finished up work for the year.

A contractor we worked with dropped past our building to say Merry Christmas. She very naughtily brought a gift with her - any gift of $20 or more needs high-level approval to accept and any gift below that amount needs your boss to say it's okay. In this case it was a box of Cadbury's favourites. After she left I went around the work station pods and gave them away like a sort of Jesus and the feeding of the five thousand crossed with Gilliam's Brazil.

But that wasn't the nice thing that happened. It's what she said about working with me; 'We love working with you and we love all your emails. I read them out to the rest of the office.'

I have a conceit that I can write. So when I write I try and write in an entertaining, and mostly lucid, manner, and do so in my own odd little idiosyncratic style. Even if it's something as simple as interacting with a contractor via email. Such as footnoting a simple follow-up piece of corro with a stream-of-consciousness description of my just-had lunch, the stream studded with links to Wikipedia entries or blessed with additional sub-footnoting.

After-all we spend so much of our time working to live ... it helps to inject a little fun for all concerned along the way.

And how lucky was I to find people that actually took enjoyment from it?

Anyway, I resolve to try and remember that nice things happen too and it's not always just raining shit.


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