Thursday, January 05, 2012

I feel like barely-warmed poo but I am going to the movies!

My big brother is in town. He graciously indicated he'd stay in and oversight the Noodles as the Noodles goes to sleep. And we're going to slip out and see the new Sherlock Holmes movie! Hooray! And I am going to get a choc top, maybe popcorn (I didn't eat the last lot) and of course a big fuck-off syrup slushie thing.

Thank the genetics (1) I am not diabetic. 

I also found out the pay people fucked my pay up. So I get the giddy delight of sorting that crap out on the morrow. Grr.

And a shout-out to Casso who has suffered her own bureaucracy SNAFU and makes mine look like an incidental toe stubbing by way of comparative hassle.

(1) But is un-thanked for poor skeleton; obesity; IBS; depression; looking like a potato; hairy back; and a whole host of shiver-me-timbers that you'd not want inflicted.


  1. It is indeed a massive PITA. I hope the movie is good though - let me know. :)

  2. What did you think of the film? That last scene was classic.

  3. GametesRhyme8:46 AM

    I want to see the new Sherlock movie, I really like how Sherlock is ambiguous sexuality-wise..
    And I really can't wait for the new BBC series of Sherlock to be shown in Australia..
    Lots of Sherlock!

  4. Well I loved the sequel. Loved it! It's a great blend of action and comedy along with decent acting. Plus they looked like they had fun doing it.

    New Sherlock series, eh? To the investigating shoes!

    PS Sucks on the PITA but yay on the new tally...

  5. PS Happy New Year, lads!

  6. GametesRhyme10:30 PM

    It's the second season of this one that I'm waiting for:


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