Friday, January 06, 2012

Damn you, Arthur

For those of you without kids then you've likely not inflicted yourself with having seen the cartoon series that is Arthur. Arthur is Canadian in origin and the main character, Arthur, is an aardvark. He's humanoid, is in year three in grade school, and lives an otherwise normal kid's life. The rest of the people in the universe are also anthropomorphised animals of various kinds; dogs or cats of various breeds, moose, rabbits etc.  

Leading up to New Years ABC2 religiously advertised the upcoming Arthur Rock and Roll Special, a double-length episode about some of the kids starting a rock band. Arthur, being a bit of an institution, has been blessed by numerous celebrity appearances. The Rock and Roll Special was no exception. The celebrities in this case were The Backstreet Boys

theBoy is only subject to the ABC as far as kids' TV goes so the only ads he sees are promos. They've very effective. Because of the constant appearance of the Arthur ad this built in him a feverish excitement to see the episode. And he did see it, watching it as it played live and as we recorded it on the DVR. Since that initial viewing he's seen it another twenty times.

Today, during storyverse, Humpty and Stumpty came around to theBoy's house. The chosen activity? Watching the Arthur Rock and Roll Special.

I've blogged this before but I am sure it's a common trait of near-in-age siblings to violently bags (1) being certain characters in the show you are watching. I was always too slow off the bat which is why when Battle of the Planets was on I usually ended up choosing third and thus from a pool of Tiny, Princess, or fucking Keyop. If Monkey then usually from Pigsy or Tripitaka. 

So in storyverse Humpty decided to bags being an Arthur character; 'I bags being D.W.!' he shouted. I think D.W. is either Arthur's four-year-old sister or the rich only child girl who lives next door. Anyway then it was Stumpty's turn. From memory he bagsed being Arthur himself

And theBoy? What was his choice of character from Arthur Rock and Roll Special?

'I want to be a Backstreet Boy!' he shouted. 

(Mikey gasps as he takes a mortal wound...)

(1) We had some doozy fights as kids. Actual fight fights. With fists and kicks and improvised weaponry. For the latter I once threw a rope-strut pine lounge chair at my younger brother. My foster grandmother ineffectually attempted to break it up. The fight—not the lounge chair. Oh well, that's what happens with three strong personalities so close in age and with such ready access to furniture and fittings.


  1. GametesRhyme9:56 PM

    I remember playing "battle of the planets", Voltron and even TMNT.. and whole raft of other shows..
    I come from an extra large family (more than 4 kids) where we are mostly close in age, and have a lot more sisters than brothers.. and as one of the eldest, I got to choose first, and being a female - well I chose being Princess and April and the singular female Voltron character depending on the series.. let's just the rest of my sisters were not impressed by having to choose only male characters.

    I miss playing those games. I think even once, we slightly changed how BotP was played - Princess was the leader and there was an all female crew. (Yes it was done to appease one of my sisters, otherwise we were unable to play properly.)

  2. Ah the benefits of being Sibling No 1. Except of course you would be the one with the least freedom and who had to bear the brunt of erratic parenting given you were first cab off the rank. I was a middle child with annoying health issues and a bad temper. So it was probably compartive I annoyance levels.

    I loved the home rules appled to BotP! That's genius. However I feel I should confess that for me the best part of the show, such as in the title sequence, was seeing a flash of Princesses' undies. Even back then, sentenced to an all boys school for the crime of being me, I knew girls were awesome and I wanted to see as much of them as possible... As a side note in year three my friend K--- in her short summer school dress actually did climb a phone pole on a bet for twenty cents. It took it years to get why they challenged her.

  3. DW is Arthur's younger sister. I forget the rich girl's name. But they are both precocious and annoying, so I get why you'd get them confused!

  4. I identify with Binkey...


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