Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Big walk

Went into Civic with my brother to peruse the shops. Went sans crutches. I walked from the underground car park, through the Canberra Centre and out onto London Circuit. Was on my feet, resting against walls and so forth, for a good hour. Then back to the car. Legs ached as afterwards but it still felt good to walk. 

Though I was bitterly reminded of all those days of walking without fail where, if I had to be in Civic for an appointment, I'd go for a walk first. If it was raining then circuits of the underground car park, listening to Tripod on my Mp3. Or when weather was good red-faced buffing billy style marching around the outer streets of Civic before ending the walk, heart pounding, just before where I needed to go. If it was an acupuncture session I'd be lying there, heart still a-thudding from the walk, minutes later hating having had to do that walk and resenting the fact I had to do it. Every day without fail.

And all that time all I was doing was was grinding away the last shreds of cartilage until the point I needed a fucking hip operation.

I think the next time someone abuses me for my weight I will tell them that I literally walked myself to the bone in an effort to be more as people said I should be. Can they match that? I think the fuck not.

Anyway I probably exacerbated the effort all by wearing a thick cotton jumper skivvy thing and thick track suit pants, the crotch of which on my short stout frame was very MC Hammer down low, on a day in the mid-thirties.

When we got back I sacked out on the bed, curled around a pillow, and drifted in and out of that sleep where you can almost control your dreams. Only to be woken when theBoy came home and had a terrific tantrum of having been denied what he wanted, only as he screamed and wailed, he was bouncing naked in the middle of the trampoline. I think if you've been genuinely wronged and your wails are acceptable ... you'd not be power bouncing sans clothing in the middle of a trampoline. 

Despite the uber walk though ... my leg is feeling better than yesterday and, indeed, each new day. I am just almost at pre-op level in capability now. 

Summer of George! (1)

(1) I need a punctuation mid-point symbol for the Summers for when it's neither bad (ellipses either side) or nor good (the un-spaced exclamation mark). Any ideas? 


  1. A question mark, to indicate that level of uncertainty/ambivalence?

    Or just a full stop. A bland statement of fact.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    You could consider percontation and irony marks? The wiki has a bunch of fun ones....

    el Robbo

  3. A bland statement of fact is a good place holder. But this percontation business is exciting. To the interweb! (... wikipedia)


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