Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It may sound hokey...

If I do slabs of data manipulation, where I am doing very simple things where acute concentration isn't needed, I will often turn to NPR by way of aural stimulation (1).

This piece came on Morning Edition about unemployment in Britain. I loved this bit.

REEVES: Smith's delighted that he's secured an interview, and so is Taufique.

TAUFIQUE: I get kicks from helping people like Dean. I used to work for a bank. I was given bonuses here and there, but it never fed my soul. You know, and this work feeds my soul.

Man, that's so true. A person who has a job where it feeds their soul is lucky indeed. Or, failing that, a passion or an interest that feeds their soul for those times when they work to live.

I really do have it lucky on the work front.

Because of the re-org I have a new boss+. My boss figured we should give her a brief about me and my recurring health issues. So I had to write up a potted history of the woe-is-me crap that has built up lo these near 40 years.

It was a tad lengthy. In the end my boss said she'd cherry pick for need-to-know information and give a verbal brief. But it was in the process of writing it up that I was reminded of my medical assessment as part of becoming a public servant.

I was shirtless, standing in a tiny office. The examining doctor was an Indian woman, her accent rich and beautiful. 

'Well,' she said, in summing up. 'You're morbidly obese and will likely die before you are 40. But welcome to the public service.'

Lucky this isn't Logan's Run ... or my belly button mounted life clock crystal would be flashing about now....

(1) For those people who read that and had an immediate picture of someone running the rip of a vibrator along the fleshy folds of your outer ear then ... you're in good company.

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