Thursday, October 20, 2011


If theBoy had a nemesis in storyverse it would probably have to be Synybattybatbat (1), the top hat and monocle clad penguin (2) that lives in an igloo next door to Humpty and Stumpty’s tree. They’re not at the Holmes (slash) Moriarity or Maggie (slash) Baby Gerald (3) level, but there’s definitely a healthy rivalry. Healthy in that, like warfare, their rivalry spurs innovation. For example Synybatbat is no longer the only owner of motorised vehicular furnishings, storyverse now blessed with theBoy’s motorised teapot rocket car, created as a direct Apple (vee) IBM-style competitor to the penguin’s now-rendered-quaint-Model-T-esq motorised bunkbed (4).

The other day, during free-form story time, somehow Synybatbat had annoyed theBoy, likely after inferring theBoy ‘was a MONSTER!’ in some capacity.

theBoy wanted payback … even though Synybatbat was at home in his igloo simply pottering around and doing harm to no one.

That wasn’t going to stop theBoy.

‘I call up Synybatbat on the phone and I get a stick and I poke the stick into the phone and it pokes Synybatbat and he bumps to the ground!’

I laughed until my throat ached and the tears dried into my salty beard.

Pure. Storyverse. West.

(1) Also known by the informal contraction Synybatbat
(2) Although the top hat AND monocle combo might have to go. It's probably too close to the DC comic character in concept. What about a horse-hair wig?
(3) Quoth Quimby—'Baby Gerald, we can't help but wonder what mischief you'll get into next'
(4) I imagine the bed is driven from one end on the bottom level, double-decker bus style, only with the steering column and wheel centred in the middle of the bed. Only I guess the penguin would have to have either a hole cut into upper level for his top hat, or some sort of sidecar style mounting for the hat when the vehicle is in operation. I do Iike the idea of the hole for its inherent comedic value.


  1. Aww, I like the tophat and monocle!

  2. Me too! Maybe it's different enough, after-all.

    Once theBoy was so annoyed at Synybatbat he called up Santa and demanded Synybatbat be put in the naughty book...


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