Saturday, October 08, 2011

It's the end! and Mikey gives a panegyric shout out to Steve Vizard in footnote 1a

'It's the end!' is as per shouted by theBoy when he indicates cuddle time should cease and desist.

He says it so cheerily too.

Because this blog is essentially my journal, except for all the really hardcore stuff I wouldn't share with anyone (1), in addition to the blog being a Lolly Scramble of my thoughts, words and deeds (2), I will give you the background why. And by you I mean future me (3).

It's because when I was getting his goodnight cuddle and kiss and I'd be super-cuddling his firm little body, waggling it to and fro, and during it I'd be saying in a blissed out happy voice 'I hope this never ends!'. This giving him an easy set up to scream 'the end.'

Mind you, we just literally went through the process. Only this time he just deliberately went past the set up and kept cuddling me, lying astride me in a just-rescued-from-near-drowning-by-free-willy pose. In the end I had to say 'The end!'.

What a chooky!

(1) I read a profile of Derryn Hinch, who I believe is currently recovering from a liver transplant whilst under home detention for naming names for his shame bucket (1a), where he talks about the little silver box we all keep in our head that has our deep shameful secrets ... only he opened his box and shared all of his. He's a remarkably brave man.
(1a) Steve Vizard. If you ever indulge in some self-googling, and don't be ashamed to admit it, we all do it, then know this. You were a loved comedic performer. Whatever else you did after that know that I thought everything you did was gold. From your Derryn Hunch impressions, to your Indian carpet seller, to your gay fight attendant, and your John Laws, and your late licensed Letterman-esq talk show which I would watch in my group house on a tiny black and white tv in my tiny bedroom when I should have been studying. I only say loved because you're Mr Business now and not Mr Comedy but fuck, man, you were a fucking comedy legend. You were up there with Lethal Weapon 2—the most of-quoted movie of my school year's peers. I give you my kudos.
(2) Nice.
(3) Hello future me. Tell me, did you finish those projects? Well, did you? Steve Jobs just died. Remember how you watched his 2005 Stanford Commencement address and how he talked about death. And how all his life he had a mantra of looking in the mirror each morning and acting verbally asking himself 'if this was the last day of your life, is this what you would have been doing'? I hope you remembered that and you're reading this with a happy smile and not some sort of grubby stubble-frosted homeless face on a public terminal in the space library (3a) and cursing past me for my inaction.
(3a) I tend to add futuristic or space-sounding prefixes to now-places to make it them seem more "futurey" since, after-all, the will be in the future. Like they did in The Jetsons, or in The Simpsons Lost in Space piss-take where Lisa as the Robot comes out, hooks flailing wildly, and complains that Bart welched on his 'astro chores'.

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