Monday, October 03, 2011

Blog—as per its true intent

This may be apocryphal but in the olden days of the web, so circa late '90s, blogs started off as basically lists of kewl web finds; the word blog being a portmanteau of 'web log'.

So with that in mind ... kewl links.

I've been listening to a lot of the Marc Maron podcasts of late. I usually listen to them played through a complicated array of Mp3 plus speaker plus cigarette lighter adapter (1) to and from work.

However I'm home alone (places hands either side of mouth; "AHHHHHHH") so I've been basically pottering around the end room whilst playing Warlords II and listening to podcasts. Either various shows or interviews on NPR, or Marc Maron's interviews with comedians.

Maron is a stand-up comedian who's done occasional forays as a radio host or in acting. He had a career transition however where he got into podcasting about comedy and it took off. He has a critically acclaimed and, importantly, industry acclaimed show that he produces out of his studio garage. Comedians (writers, actors, producers etc.) come and sit and yak about the trade for an hour.

Maron usually starts his show with an slice of his life that's happened of late—like triumphing over a piece of tricky home maintenance, or the antics of his cats. Then it's into the chat with the guest. He's a good interviewer, very natural. It's a free ranging style where topics are skipped to or between then back again. Like the very best of conversations are. What I also like about Maron is that he likes his guests. He praises their talents, their comedy style, and gets them to talk about their successes as well as their downs. It's great stuff.

I'm just about to listen to his interview with Jason Sudeikis of SNL. However I thought I'd link to it now (in the manner of an old timey blog) because Maron was travelling at the time he did his podcast and had gone through a storm while flying. Most of us have unpleasant flying stories. I have friends that really hate to fly (2). I don't especially like it either.

However Maron's story is a classic and worth listening to. As indeed are all his podcasts.

He also just mentioned 'Shut up! Little man.' I had no idea it existed. Crazy gold stuff. YouTube it.

(1) I slot the speaker and player in the pulled-out ash tray (it's a 1991 car). However if I take a tight corner the arrangement runs the risk of flying off the tray to dangle side-to-side in a frenetic hypnotism attempt on my crotch. I live in fear of the spherical speaker detaching, rolling into the footwell, then getting stuck under the brake pedal.
(2) However they flew a lot in South-East Asia on planes that ranged from sleek and modern through to Indiana Jones float-plane (slash) chickens-in-the-overheads so it's kind of fair enough. His solution was to mung double doses of travel pills and just try and zone it out.

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