Friday, August 26, 2011

The wrong stitch and its ability to give the snooty a joy burst

It is said by some that the carpet weavers of Persia would make sure each carpet had at least one wrong stitch. That way it would not seek to be perfect and thus an affront to God as only God is perfect.

Or it could be that is complete hokum and I have been saying something wrong for yours (1). Oh well.

I have noticed that when I spot a mistake made by others that I get a joy burst from it. Sometimes I will even go as far as to share the mistake with others. Such as today when I texted the 'grammar girls' (2) after I saw a marvelously sexist sign at the newsagent, the sign placed above copies of New Idea and Women's Weekly (3); a sign that read 'Woman's Interest'.

I also get that mistake-spot-thrill from when I see an ad for the very TV program I am watching (Dr House looks in the patient's eyes. There's no response. Fade to black—(Commercial) UP NEXT, HOUSE TRIES TO FIGURE OUT WHY A WOMAN IS IN A COMA!' ).

You know what? I think there should be intentional mistakes put out there. So many of us are white collar types nowadays so there should be little thrill moments embedded in print or on TV of minor mistakes that allows smug snooty types like me to bray when the intentional error is spotted.. Plus it can even be a money maker. For spotting an error will likely to cause me spit shards of food over the mistake laden-medium because chances are I am stuffing my gob when I spot it. Which means if they ran a 'tired of braying crumbs over your fat tum; Sucktum™; the dust-buster for your gut!' ads in the ad segment near where the mistake happened, why I might just be tempted. Yes, Sucktum™; the dust-buster for your gut.

Ha! Mikey gold. Ha Ha–cough, splutter cough.

Excuse me a moment.


(1) I swear that was an unintentional mistake! Anyway, apparently the legend of the intentional error is true!
(2) My boss, my colleague L, and Casso—all of whom work in the public service as word police.

(3) [Recycled Joke] It's called Women's Weekly but comes out once a month. Why isn't it Women's Monthly? ... oh ...

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