Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The waterfall story

Humpty and Stumpty were headed along the beach when they saw a waterfall. They headed over to it. There, through the water, they could see a cave!

Me—What's in the cave, Chooky?

theBoy—A waterfall!

Me—Okay ... um ... they headed over to the waterfall inside the cave inside the waterfall. Oh my goodness! Behind that was another cave. And in it was a...


Me—Um ... okay then. So they crawled through that waterfall and into the cave behind it. It's like the deleted scene VIP nightclub within a VIP nightclub sequence from Zoolander. So they're in that cave and they see a...


Me—Yes. Right. So they go to that and they see behind that waterfall there's not enough room for a cave. Instead, there's a message scrawled on the rock. It says...

theBoy—There is a waterfall!

Yes, that's right. Denied the chance for a waterfall he'd simply had the message be the words 'there is a waterfall.'

I was defeated.


  1. You're going to be in trouble when he's older!

  2. I know. Defeated by a four-year-old. How gaulling.


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