Tuesday, August 02, 2011

TheBoy draws some pictures

TheBoy's only just learning to draw. It's mostly of the scribble variety. Not for him pictures of actual things.

After he's drawn them ... he then decides what they are.

The only do he drew two massive red and orange scribble efforts. In one of them though there was a vague figure outline. If you squinted.

TheWife asked him what the picture was about.

'That's daddy with his shotgun. He exploded.'


And the other picture?

'That's another explosion.'


As I've noted before—and someday when I am not being lazy I will scan a couple in—my pics as a kid were routinely festooned with appearances by my dad ... armed with a rifle. Why? No reason that I can recall. Save that I loved my dad ... and fuck me, I loved guns (1). So for example there's a pic of my taking part in an excursion to a butchers to see sausages being made. There, in the corner, is my dad ... packing long-arm heat.

So like father like son.

And a fitting post I think for the 4000th Harrangueman [sic] musing.

(1) For a history of my love of guns ... see here.

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