Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It had to happen eventually

TheBoy had an accident. As theWife went to the car to fetch clothes he was dancing around (1) half-naked in his aunt's kitchen.

'Wah, wah, wah!' he shrieked in penile freedom.

On the counter was a pen. He grabbed it then placed it against the tip of his nob.

'I got a giant penis!' he announced, the joy of comedy beaming from his face (2).

He now knows that poo, wee, fart and penis are funny words.

There's really only one level he can go now.

Twenty years later, theBoy approaches the light. He's at an open-mike night. He adjusts the microphone stand then taps the mike. A crackle, followed by a short whine, fills the room and drowns out for a brief moment the happy chatter of the babbling diners.

'Good evening ladies and c___.'

(1) He kind of flicks his legs out in front of him like a really lazy Cossack dancer. Then he will march-dance off to parts unknown.
(2) His cousin S, who is eight (I think; I know, terrible!), used a wad of tissues to pick the pen off the floor when theBoy lost interest and he discarded his comedic prop. That all then went in the bin. Comedy added on gold.

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