Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hell Wagon gets an aka

I've just ridden The Hell Wagon—an exercise bike on-loan from looks-at-you-with-narrowed-eyes-over-her-glasses-when-you-point-out-a-rule-that-imperils-her-character Casso (1). Last night the bike was fixed by Handy theWifey (2) after she discovered the difficulty control wasn't working (see this post's update). So it turns out I'd been riding it at max-hardness all this time (3).

It was much easier to use. I still noticed I was exercising (4) but not as much, and the pain in my thighs from the horrid-makes-us-works-for-its was far less. I even at one point felt a bit 'glidey'.

Therefore I have decided that in the adjusted setting it can have an aka—an also known as.

Henceforth—when used with the easier setting—it shall be known as ... 'The Purgatory Cart.'

That is all.

(1) And likely accompanied by a 10 per cent amused 90 per cent exasperated 'Mikey?!'
(2) Handy Manny is the latest must-watch for theBoy. He's a Latino-American trades-boy blessed with animated tools (2a). Naturally, as with other TV show characters, he's appeared in Humpty and Stumpty story time. Along with his made-up cousins Handy Munny, a German piano-turner (slash) maintenance man and Handy Monny, who I think fixes cars and likely has an appallingly-stereotypical accent. I forget what it is. Handy Monny was a walk-on character who appeared for a couple of days when we were staying with my dad.

(2a) Yes, I laughed at "animated tools".

(3) Yes, I laughed at "max-hardness".
I wish there was a device that could make you switch off your active-brain and ignore things like pain messaging. I know, it's coming. And it will be a world society changer when it does. In fact the active-brain switch-off or adjustment concept is neatly foreshadowed and explored in Greg Egan's Quarrantine. A book I've tried to read twice now but gave up each time at the same point—during the extended examination of the nature of probability. It was too hard for dumb ole Mikey (sad emoticon).

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