Friday, August 26, 2011

He said it!

'I'm not sure I should have gay robot sex (1) in Humpty and Stumpty stories...'

UPDATE: theBoy has a range of schtick he defaults to because he's learned it makes us laugh and/or achieves an outcome for him. One is his fake farting, complete with head turn and butt waggle, to stop me from squeezing his tushie or cuddling him. The sound he makes is horrible—I'd best describe it as being a very liquidy (2) raspberry. Any-hoo I was cuddling him. Still seated he "blew off". I was just enjoying the cuddle since all his efforts were put into fake-farting instead of wriggling away. Eventually I released him.

Cue parent utterance fail.

'Noodles, you gave me quite the anal-hosing!' I said.

(1) Obviously the word "feature" should feature in the sentence at this point. Alas because it was missing then present within the sentence was an unintentional other meaning. Though armchair psychologists—as opposed to the frontier kind—would likely go on about Freud at this point given the sheer number of anal mentions in this blog.
(2) Why isn't liquidy a proper word?! Oh, because it's a semi-synonym for
semifluid (1a)
(2a) Say that ten times very fast. Okay, once you're done saying "that" ten times fast say "semi-synomym for semifluid". Sounds like an actor's voice-warm-up exercise.

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