Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Google image search fail

It was Humpty and Stumpy time (1). Humpty and Stumpty is often held while I am at the computer, with theBoy sitting opposite me in his child-sized cane chair. Sometimes Humpty and Stumpty happens because I am sitting at the computer, for theBoy has declared this seat to be 'the Humpty and Stumpty chair' and that if I am occupying it then I have to pony up with a story. He then sitting down in triumph on his chair with a look of imperious impatience etched on his little cleric-like face (2).

If I'm at the computer then on occasion I will use it as part of story-time. Calling up YouTubes of stuff like the moon hooning or a tank cruising around (3).

Tonight I used Google image search.

At one point theBoy decided a cat-dog had turned up. I remembered the cartoon of the same name and brought up an image search for it and selected one.

'Look chooky!' I said. 'It's cat-dog!'

He agreed that this was most excellent.

'Now do duck-dog,' he said.


So I did.

Now I didn't see it at the time but there was actually a cartoon duck-dog in amongst the hits. But more broadly duck dog brought up dogs ... dogs that are designed to retrieve ducks.

Ducks which are dead.

Dead ducks.

And then of course there was also this.


Thank-you, Google image search.

(1) The interactive story-time I have with theBoy. It's usually on during bath or for twenty minutes between PJs on and regular stories.
(2) TheNan—a former hairdresser—gave theBoy a haircut. He ended up looking like a medieval priest or other type of theologian. I kept calling him Brother (theBoy).
(3) Indeed, when he was younger, I used to balance him on my knee and go through old music clips on YouTube. Clips like Doctorin' the Tardis or Mexican Radio.
And of course ... this!


  1. That poor poor duck...

    Also, I just tonight started a bookmark folder on my browser with videos for MyBoy. So far we have Ice Ice Baby (his favourite) and The Lazy Song (which he saw on Rage and loved). Oh dear...

  2. They're fine choices of tubery!

  3. We watched The Lazy Song tonight before bed and he was full on doing the head bop and everything. I need to get it on video!

  4. Aw ... what a chooky!

    The iPhone is a blessing for quick videos. And they're pretty good quality too.


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