Sunday, May 01, 2011

I'm outside

I have never been an outside person. Not for me the joy of nature and attempting to shit in it. Or indeed wee. I like having a roof above my head, access to indoor plumbing, and other assorted domestic lifestyle accouterments that basically scream - softly, so as not to distress - comfort!

But right now ... I am outside. We decided to draw on the loan and use extra cash to pimp our place. We had a pergola extend the length of the house, sacrificing about a metre and a half of garden. Apart from the guttering to go up and some rubbish removal, it's now all good.

With power points put in next to where the outside table goes and with the pergola roof cutting out a chunk of light ... I can sit out here and use the laptop. The connection to the router seems pretty solid and the screen of the monitor is easily read. It's a brilliant autumn Sunday afternoon with just the faintest hint of chill in the air and my son is demanding I make something with the green play-doh lump he just slapped on the table next to me.

I guess it will be a shitty dinosaur or something. Just enough to placate him to allow me to use Mr Lappy outside.

Oh, yeah.

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