Monday, May 23, 2011

Another layer on the crap cake

I've spent most of my life dealing with health crap. As a kid it was depression, weight gain, and water on the knees. In my twenties that met arthritis. In my thirties, IBS and effects from surgery.

Still in my thirties ... and a new villain has entered the Mikey health landscape.

My right shoulder is in agony. It's been swore for two months, feeling the entire time like the previous day I'd been lifting free weights with that one arm. Last night and through the curve of the top clock into this morning, shooting pains flaring down my arm with pain crackling all the way out to the tip of my index finger like when you whip a hose in the backyard.

I had a tens machine on it from 2 am through to 4 am. The entire shoulder was shocked numb before I could sleep.

I told theWife about it. She used to have the same pains - and for her it was tendonitis. The likely culprit - over use of a mouse. In the end the way to cure it for her was to swap the mouse to the left hand for work but leave the mouse alone for home. As a result, no pain ... and she's now an ambi-mouser. I wonder if that's a dot point you could add in your trivia section for your resume? If not, it should be. There could be a need for an ambi-mouser at some point ('Mr President - only an ambi-mouser can save us now.' 'Send for the file!').

I've munged the last of my super-but-not-so-super-I-can't-drive pills and rubbed nurofen gel over the affected area. It's all numb, numb, numb. I have to book an appointment the moment the centre opens and I hope I get one that isn't too far along in the day so I can go to work.

It sucks, man. It utterly sucks. I know as an eight per center, someone born to a fully developed country in mastery of its financial and governmental requirements, that by rights I have little to complain about. But, well, whining is my bag, baby so whine, whine, fucking, whine.

Likely tendonitis ... probably from over-mouse use. Unbelievable.

UPDATE: Yep, tendonitis. Had to have time off work to allow my arm and shoulder to heal. Greatest impact ... no more Warlords II marathons. I worked out that game consists of around 3000 mouse clicks an hour. No wonder my arm was on fire. It's Wednesday morning now. Last night I peeled skin from my right foot ... pulled off my left big toe-nail ... and have galloping IBS cramping. I can't take super meds as I have to drive ... so I am left with taking normal meds when I get to work (so I don't get wiggy - even if I am allowed to drive on them, it's rush hour, so I don't want to take chances). Oh, so now I have to have physio for my arm (and while I am at it my left leg from my gippy gait I've had since childhood). That's yet another medical specialist I have to see in addition to the others. So, what, that's now a GP, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Gastroenterologist and a Physiotherapist. That's a doctor's shop quartet and a spare. Great. But HM, all your basic life needs are still met, yes? It's not like you're going to starve, lose your house etc. ... yes ... shuddup.

Update 2: Forgot ... a nutritionist as well. So a Doctor''s shop sextet, pretty much. Hooray for six medical professionals working to make Mikey a better tomorrow ... today!

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