Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Look who's back and ready to suckle on the taxpayer teat

Yes it's Pauline Hanson who is nominating for the upper house in the upcoming NSW election.

So punters, what does she get for being in the upper house? Assuming she wins of course.

Decent wage, great conditions, a staff, an excellent pension depending on time served so on and so forth.

No wonder this ... thing ... keeps having cracks at getting in to parliament. She's set for fucking life if she does.

I wish this distilled essence of the worst aspects of boganinity would simply just fuck off.

UPDATE: Naturally she's outraged people think she's a racist. Seriously. In fact noted former one nation stalwart David Oldfield - who has an inexplicably very hot very whacked out wife - had a moan that not letting muzzys buy her house didn't make her a racist because Islam is a religion, not a race.

He [Oldfield] strongly criticised Ms Keneally's accusations that Ms Hanson's policies were racist and discriminatory, saying the Premier's comments were the opposite of freedom of speech.

His listeners agreed, welcoming her back into politics.

"Congratulations to Pauline Hanson. I think our government needs a good shake-up. She's truthful ... I think give her a go, because this country is such a mess," one listener said.

Another listener said Ms Hanson was just repeating what others were saying to "stop bringing these immigrants into Australia".

One caller raised Ms Hanson's refusal to sell her Queensland home to a Muslim buyer last year "because I don't believe that they are compatible with our way of life, our culture" as an example of racism, but Mr Oldfield dismissed his comments, saying: "What's racist about that?"

"If Pauline Hanson, doesn't like Muslims, she has a right not to like Muslims," he said, comparing it to whether Ms Hanson liked or did not like rainy days.

"Technically speaking, Muslims are not a race," he added.

Mr Oldfield said he, like the Oxford Dictionary, defined racism as one race viewing itself as superior than another race, citing the Nazis' belief in supremacy over the Jews.

Wow. Just wow. He says Muslims - rightly - are not a race but follow a faith but then goes on to say the jews are a race - it's not a religion. When in fact while both can be considered Ethnoreligious both have enough adherents from other racial cultural backgrounds to be considered a more a theology than ethnicity (1).

One Nation - the swamp that was evicted from the land where those gold coast megamansions that appear in the $20 a ticket raffle for the boys' home are now.

(1) However I won't deny the strong presence religion has in certain cultural outcrops - Roman Catholic for Irish Americans and Italians, Islam for many Arabic-Americans, Buddhists for certain Asian expats, Judaism for the Yiddish
diaspora driven from Eastern Europe now spread throughout the globe. The fact is Hanson hates the lot of them and in her own fucking words says that people who come to this country have to "assimilate" - what a ghastly arsetick bloated wreck of a woman she is.

"I believe in people coming here, assimilating, becoming Australians and be proud of this country and abide by the laws of the land.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

I struggle to understand the pig ignorance of someone like that. But then TBL helps me know more.


  1. Hang on, Oldfield has listeners? Is he a shock jock now?

  2. He does ... I think he has the midnight shift.

    I am disturbed by how much he looks like a cross between Stephen King and the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins.


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