Thursday, March 17, 2011

A little bit fancy...

I haven't been blogging of late because I've been feeling meh. The desire to write or read slabs of text each day becomes a little depressing - even if it's for fun. It used to be I read most of the SMH and The Washington Post political section most days in addition to Crikey and now various Salon pieces. But lately ... no, seldom interested. Perhaps because I've been doing report preparation which is intensive editing.

But well I have to put the meh aside. It's important to write and write often according to S King esquire if you want it to be something more than an idle lottery fantasy. So I try and do this if only to fool myself that I can be something more than I am.

So ... a little bit fancy. That's McDonald's latest tag line - which links into the Black Angus which has been deemed by McD and its many punters as their joie de verve.

We went to a zoo for our public holiday break and in one of the towns on the way the McDonald's there was all kitted out in semi-fancy attire, yes, I shit you not - tuxedo T-Shirts. When at McDonalds I like to read The Daily Telegraph. It's a guilty pleasure. Kind of like finding a low brow lad mag in a pile in a waiting room - Aussie Post or something. I read it for the short bullet style articles and laugh spitefully at their cartoonish mo-twizzling right wing punditry. But they didn't have it. Instead there was the town newspaper. What the fuck - when in named-after-Rome. So I read it ... then I saw there was an article ... on McDonald's ... being a little bit fancy - complete with a pic of the staff. It wasn't an ad. It wasn't an advetorial ... it was an article. An actual article.

Holy snapping barrel bottoms scraping Batman.

I suppose you can't blame them. It must be hard being a local paper nowadays with staffing needs Vs money coming in. The main dailies are hemorrhaging money with the loss of classified revenue - of which Keating once said they were 'rivers of gold' ... back in the pre-web days. I can imagine for regional papers it may even be worse. Town papers even more so.

Still ... there's always ads from Rosita who is in one town for one week only - Country Comfort Inn etc.


  1. I miss your blog entries, you know...


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